Terreco Aviation – UAV Surveying

“This exciting technology and the vast range of possibilities for customers to benefit from UAV based services inspired us to create Terreco Aviation. We have a growing fleet of UAVs, video and multi-spectral cameras which we can apply to all of these opportunities to enable positive change and benefits for your company or interests.”

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What it means to us

We are having fun. We love the excitement our UAVs and their capabilities are bringing to others.  We enjoy the creative buzz we share with others as we explore the opportunities for saving time, saving money and innovating change in traditional approaches.  We are on a journey to make a difference using UAVs.  Join us.  Share the experience.  Share the benefits.


We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product, developing strong relationships with our clients and having fun with them.   Do you want to join our select list of valued clients?  Contact us. We look forward to an opportunity of extending our dedicated services to you.

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