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About Us

Our Story

Terreco Aviation (Pty) Ltd was created by Louise Jupp and Duncan Scott in 2016.  We are passionate about innovation.  We originally focused on using UAVs for our environmental consulting services but we quickly realized the enormous potential of using Unmanned aerial Vehicles (UAVs) across multiple sectors for multiple benefits.  We are excited about being pioneers and expanding the reach of UAVs and the benefits they bring. 

We believe UAVs and the camera systems they can carry are revolutionizing the management and implementation of change. There are many known applications for UAVs.  We are convinced there are almost as many other applications that have yet to be discovered.  We are eager to explore more ways in which our UAVs can be used to save resources, time and money, and effect change.


The Benefits

This exciting technology and the vast range of possibilities for customers to benefit from UAV based services inspired us to create Terreco Aviation.  We have a growing fleet of UAVs, video and multi-spectral cameras which we can apply to all of these opportunities to enable positive change and benefits for your company or interests.

There are many examples of how UAVs are affecting change in how we live and work, on a daily basis, like how crops can be monitored for nutrient deficiency, drought or pest infection. They are changing how utilities can be inspected for faults (electricity lines), leaks (underground pipelines) and structural integrity (wind turbines).  

UAVs are changing how habitat conservation projects can be implemented more efficiently for less cost.  They are changing how farmers can keep track of their stock and reduce stock theft risks.  UAVs are changing how we can evaluate mineral resources.  They are changing how construction projects can be monitored and progress quantified.  

UAVs are changing our perspectives, but most of all, they are changing how much time and money is required to complete these tasks. Join us in this UAV inspired-revolution.  Let us help you to change what you do, for the better.  Let us save you time and save you money.  Let us help you showcase your products, services and projects. 

Knowing the Rules

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) require all commercial UAV operations to be licensed and all pilots to hold valid Remote Pilot Licenses (RPLs). These licenses are mandatory for commercial operations and they are essential to ensuring companies commit to safe and responsible operations. [1]

We are in the final stages of obtaining our commercial license to operate. Louise Jupp successfully completed her theoretical and practical examinations in May 2016 and was issued her RPL in June 2016. Louise is one of only eight women UAV pilots out of 267 pilots to obtain an RPL in South Africa since September 2015.[2] Duncan Scott has completed his theoretical training and will be taking his examinations January 2017.

The SACAA requirements notwithstanding, we are committed to being safe, flying responsibly and achieving the objectives of all our missions timeously and cost effectively. Our UAVs and cameras and the missions we undertake can be used as follows:

[1] Refer to Part 101 (RPAS) of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011. Part 101 came into operation on 1 July 2015.

[2] Per comms SACAA Personnel Licensing Dept, 17 October 2016. The first SACAA-approved RPL training schools were only available after September 2015.


Thanks to Rob Somers and his team at 22 Degrees South Aviation for their invaluable help and continuing support in guiding us through the Part 101 application processes for our commercial drone operations.

Thanks to the instructors at Cranfield Aviation Training where we have completed our Aviation Security Awareness, Dangerous Goods Awareness and Quality Assurance.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the Chief Instructor, Russell Best, and the team at Border Aviation Club and Flight School for their unfailing guidance and support given to us in connection with our Radio Telephony examinations and aviation training.  We are immensely proud of our association with Border Aviation and being the first RPL members of the club.

We completed our RPAS training and examinations with Prowings, a SACAA-approved training school and examination centre in Johannesburg.   Our thanks to Ian Melamed and all the instructors at Prowings.