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Africa’s first air corridor to test the use of drones

Central Malawi, Kasungu Aerodrome, has begun testing an “Arial corridor” that would aid in the delivery of supplies, scouting in times of crisis and boosting internet connectivity. The project, lead by UNICEF, will run until 2018.

humanitarian drone

UNICEF is working with local and international governments and the private sector on this ambitious project.

Due to the impoverished nature of the area, lack of basic infrastructure and other challenges, a drone based solution offers solutions to problems that were not present before. Things like HIV medicine and crisis relief are just some of the ways drones may help shape our future.

About the air corridor:

Malawi’s Department of Civil Aviation has given permission and specifications for operating delivery drones in the air corridor. They include:

• Maximum distance of 80km (50 miles)

• Altitude limit at 400 metres above ground

• The corridor will run for 1-2 years.