standard-title Agricultural and Plantation Applications

Agricultural and Plantation Applications

agriculture and plantation

We understand farmers and plantation managers want to maximize their yields for less cost and less time.  Using our multi-spectral camera and supporting software we can monitor crop health during the growing season from planting through to harvesting.  The data collected helps farmers be less wasteful with their resources by targeting the application of fertilizers, pesticides and water.  We can also use the data to estimate yields to help farmers prepare for harvesting and mobilizing equipment needed accordingly.  Importantly, farmers can be better equipped to respond to water restrictions or drought conditions using the data we can generate. The same services can be used in partnership with seed, fertilizer and chemical producers to optimize the support they can provide to their farming clients.   We could also assist with assessing the grazing and browsing potential of pastures and veld. Similarly, we can provide valuable support to agricultural and plantation insurance providers by collecting aerial footage of areas subject to insurance claims – e.g. from hail, rodent infestations or other hazards. There are still untapped, innovative ways we can use our UAVs, cameras and software to improve production, manage pests or infections and reduce costs.   We believe the opportunities for responding to customer needs using UAVs for agricultural/plantation applications have been barely tapped.  Talk to us.  Let us explore what we can do with you.