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Conservation Projects


We are very excited about the potential our UAVs offer for taking part in ‘real’ environmental activities such as conservation planning, management and monitoring. We have been researching the use of our MicaSense RedEdge camera for specific habitat assessments with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). There is the potential our UAVs and MicasSense RedEdge camera can accelerate vegetation surveying and reduce the time specialists are required in the field. This has huge implications for cost savings thus releasing funds for other EWT activities. It has been immensely rewarding interacting with the EWT and being able to explore how we can take part in their conservation activities.

We can also use our UAVs to assist with game counts and anti-poaching activities. This is a service we can provide using our video cameras but which we are looking to improve with the future acquisition of thermal cameras.

We want to help make a difference in the effectiveness of conservation. We believe there are many more opportunities for us to augment other conservation projects or wildlife management directly and/or through the release of monies and personnel for additional conservation projects. Contact us for more information.