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Drones African Summit 2017: Take-aways from Day 3

The final day of the conference finished with presentations describing the use of drones for blast monitoring at mines (Rocketmine), for precision agriculture (Aerobotics) and for deliveries (DroneLife). There was also a presentation on the use of precision avionics on drones for efficient and safe operations (Aeroprobe). Eric Delabrousse from Rocketmine demonstrated […]

Drones African Summit 2017: Take-aways from Day 2

We had a full day with nine presentations today. Topics covered were diverse and ranged from: using drones for forensic purposes for traffic accidents; discussing why more women should be in the drone industry; applying drones to humanitarian and disaster management in Malawi; using drones for construction  management in Ghana; […]

Drones African Summit 2017: Take-aways from Day 1

The first morning sessions were largely focussed on safety and the governing regulations for commercial drone use.  The presentation by Mr Msithini of the South African CAA was particularly interesting and helpful.  It was acknowledged there have been challenges both within the CAA and due to the rapid expansion of […]

Africa’s first air corridor to test the use of drones

Central Malawi,¬†Kasungu Aerodrome, has begun testing an “Arial corridor” that would aid in the delivery of supplies, scouting in times of crisis and boosting internet connectivity. The project, lead by UNICEF, will run until 2018. UNICEF is working with local and international governments and the private sector on this ambitious […]

Defibrillator drones – life saving devices

It almost seems sci-fi, but these drones exist and are being tested in Sweden. This life saving approach to emergency health care is showing positive results in testing. A simulated study found that drones carrying a defibrillator, which could be used by a member of the public, arrived 16 minutes […]

Passenger Drones soon to be seen in Dubai

Passenger Drone announced in Dubai A passenger drone unveiled at the CES Tech fair in 2016, the eHang 184, will begin “regular operations” from July in Dubai. The city’s Roads and Transport Agency has announced this at the World Government Summit. The craft is “auto-piloted” by a command center and […]

Amazon Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery On the 7th of December, the first drone delivery from Amazon took place. Prime Air is new service, currently in a limited trial, that Amazon is offering to select UK customers. A customer will place their order as normal, but the package will be delivered by a drone. […]

Drone powered Christmas Light Show

Intel and Disney light up the sky with over 300 Drones: 1 Drone is fun, but when you use 300 of them to put on a light show at night, the power and potential of them is realised. Intel teamed up with Disney to showcase their “Shooting Star” drones and¬†proprietary […]

Fly Backwards

If someone were to ask me what they needed to do to develop their skills for flying UAVs (drones), I would suggest they purchase a good simulator (I bought RealFlight Drone) and ultimately learn to fly backwards. Most shop-bought UAVs feature software/components that enable anyone to fly out the box […]

Border Aviation Airfest

When: 17 & 18 September 2016 Where: East London Terreco Aviation were present at the annual Airfest held at the Wings Park off the N2 north of East London. We had two exciting days showing off our drones and enjoying a front row seat for the flying and free riding […]